What are Exclamatory Words?

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What are Exclamatory Words?

Exclamatory words are words that show exclamatory feelings. Here is list of common words used for exclamation

  • Help!
  • Stop!
  • Ouch!
  • Nice!
  • Yes!
  • No!
  • Yikes!
  • On!
  • Whoa!
  • Absolutely!
  • Awesome!
  • Aah!
  • Aha!
  • Aww!
  • Ahem!
  • Bingo!
  • Bravo!
  • Eww!
  • Hey!
  • Gee
  • Oops!
  • Hmm!
  • Yoohoo!
  • Boo!
  • Wow!
  • Yeah!
  • Hah!
  • Hi!
  • Well!
  • Tsk-tsk
  • Unbelievable!
  • Amazing!
  • Tremendous!
  • Fantastic!
  • Timber!

What are exclamatory sentences?

Exclamatory sentences are the sentences that express a strong emotion, that emotion can be happy, sad, angry, surprising or exciting. Exclamatory sentences always end with mark “!” instead of full stop.

Examples of Exclamatory Sentences:

Here are few examples of exclamatory sentences:

  • Alas! he died
  • Hurray! we won the match.
  • How beautiful this city is!
  • Sara, wipe the board!
  • Don’t talk, Get Out!
  • Please, help me now!
  • Hah, okay now, it’s beautiful!
  • What a coincidence this is!
  • Wait, the bridge is rotten!
  • I’m so mad at her!
  • God, I am in the heaven!
  • Bravo! You have done great Job.
  • What a talented girl she is!
  • How sweetly the cuckoo sings!
  • Were I a super hero!
  • What a pity!
  • Fantastic!
  • What an idea!
  • Put that down, now!
  • I am angry!
  • That is a huge whale!
Reported Speech Exercise of Exclamatory Sentences

Uses of Exclamatory Sentences

These type of sentences are used to express a sudden order, intensity of emotion and / or volume. It is also used to express strong feelings of shock, surprise, anger or a raised voice. It is also used to express a given command. It may or may not be used in informal writing but it must use exclamation mark at the end of sentence.

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