Reported Speech Exercises Wh Questions

Practice with following direct and indirect speech exercises Wh question sentences for clearer understanding of narration rules and variation for interrogative sentences.

1. He said, “Why are you late today?”
  1. He asked why I was late that day.
  2. He asked me why was you late that day.
2. She said, “Have you got your paper attested?”
  1. She asked if I have got my paper attested.
  2. She asked have I got my paper attested.
3. They said, “How can we reach early?”
  1. They asked how they can reach early.
  2. They asked that how they can reach early.
4. I said to him, “Can you give me more time?”
  1. I asked them if they can give me more time.
  2. I asked them if you can give more time.
5. Mariya said, “What is the main reason of this mess?”
  1. Mariya asked what was the main reason of that mess.
  2. Mariya asked that what was the main reason of that mess.
6. She said, “Where are the boxes I left here?”
  1. She asked where were the boxes she left there.
  2. She asked that where were the boxes she left there.
7. He said to me, “Why are you so lazy?”
  1. He asked me why I was so lazy.
  2. He asked me that why was I so lazy.
8. She said to her father, “When are you coming home?”
  1. She asked her father when he was coming home.
  2. She asked her father that when he was coming home.
9. I said to old lady, “Why are you standing outside?”
  1. I asked old lady that why are you standing outside
  2. I asked old lady why she was standing outside.
10. The old man said to me, “How can I get my passport?”
  1. The old man asked me how can he get his passport.
  2. The old man asked that how can I get my passport.

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