Reported Speech Exercise Future Simple Tense

Study and solve following direct and indirect speech exercise for future simple tense. This one is easy exercise for quick understanding for beginners level learners

1. I said, “I will help you”
  1. I said that I would help him.
  2. I said that I would help you.
2. She said, “He will surely come tomorrow”
  1. She said that he would surely come tomorrow.
  2. She said that he should surely come the next day.
3. He said, “I will apply for upcoming jobs”
  1. He said that I will apply for upcoming jobs.
  2. He said that he would apply for upcoming jobs.
4. Mother said, “I will try to convince your father”
  1. Mother said that I would try to convince your father.
  2. Mother said that she would try to convince my father.
5. My sister said to me, “I will press your shirts”
  1. My sister told me that she would press my shirts.
  2. My sister told me that I would press your shirts.
6. They said, “We will come on time”
  1. They said that we will come on time.
  2. They said that they would come on time.
7. Mariya said, “I will listen carefully”
  1. Mariya said that I would listen carefully.
  2. Mariya said that she would listen carefully.
8. The old lady said, “I will struggle for justice”
  1. The old lady said that I would struggle for justice.
  2. The old lady said/resolved that she would struggle for justice.
9. She said, “I will help poor students”
  1. She said that she would help poor students.
  2. She said that I would help poor students.
10. They said, “We will win the match”
  1. They said that we would win the match.
  2. They said that they would win the match.

Still Needed More Exercises to Practice?

Fortunately, we have listed here more advanced direct and indirect speech exercises on future tense for you. This complete online resource of reported speech exercise will serve you better for your upcoming main exam.

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