Reported Speech Exercise For Class 4

Study and practice following direct and indirect speech exercises for grade 4th. This will give you basic understanding of narration for basic level 4th class.

1. They said, “We are making drawing”
  1. They said that they were making drawing.
  2. They said that they had been making drawing.
2. I said, “I do not listen at her advice”
  1. I said that I did not listen at her advice.
  2. I said that I had not listened at her advice.
3. She said, “I will be a scientist”
  1. She said that she would be scientist.
  2. She told that she should be a scientist
4. Rama said, “I will try to get first position”
  1. Rama said that he would try to get first position.
  2. Rama said that I would try to get first position.
5. The traveler said, “I want to stay here more”
  1. The traveler said that he wanted to stay there more.
  2. The traveler said that I want to stay there more.
6. She said, “We went to Australia during vacation”
  1. She said that she went to Australia during vacation.
  2. She told that I went to Australia during vacation.
7. I said, “It’s hot today”
  1. I said that it was hot that day.
  2. I said that it had been hot that day.
8. She said, “I like rainy season”
  1. She said that she liked rainy season.
  2. She said that I like rainy season.
9. I said to watchman, “Be alert at night”
  1. I urged/ordered/cautioned the watchman to be alert at night.
  2. I said to watchman that he should be alert at night.
10. The principal said, “Admissions are off from today”
  1. The principal announced that the admission were off from that day.
  2. The principal said that the admission are off from that day.

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