Reported Speech Exercise for Class 3

Study and practice direct and indirect speech exercises for grade 3. This basic narration exercise is enough to make you basic understanding of reported speech rules. But if need further, please browse the site for more.

1. Shiyam said, “I eat mangoes everyday”
  1. Shiyam said that he ate mangoes every day.
  2. Shiyam said that he was eating mangoes everyday.
2. Rama said, “Today is my father’s birthday”
  1. Rama told that it was her father’s birthday that day
  2. Rama told that it was her father’s birthday today.
3. He said to his sister, “Please bring me glass of milk for me”
  1. He requested his sister to bring him a glass of milk.
  2. He said to his sister to please bring him a glass of milk.
4. She said, “I am sleeping now”
  1. She said that she was sleeping then.
  2. She said that I was sleeping then.
5. They said, “Our school is off today”
  1. They said that their school was off that day.
  2. They said that our school is off today.
6. The teacher said, “I love all my students”
  1. The teacher said that he loved all of his students.
  2. The teacher said that I love all of my students.
7. The old lady said, “Students should work hard”
  1. The old lady advised that students should work hard.
  2. The old lady said that the students should work hard.
8. He said, “I take two glasses of milk everyday”
  1. He told that he he took two glasses of milk everyday.
  2. He told that he had taken two glasses of milk everyday.
9. They said, “We are going to zoo”
  1. They said that they were going to a zoo.
  2. They said that they had been going to a zoo.
10. He said, “My sister is ill”
  1. He said that his sister was ill.
  2. He said that his sister had been ill.

Advanced Direct and Indirect Speech Exercises

Reported speech is the integral part of English study. The more you practice the more your excel. Find here a complete repository of all narration exercises for all classes and all level.

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