Past Perfect Exercise with Answers Multiple Choice Questions

As part of expanding purpose of knowledge, this article is about tenses and we are going to solve Past Perfect Tense Exercise (Multiple Choice Questions) along with its answers. Let’s start now.

Past Perfect Tense Exercise

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Past Perfect Exercise

Let's solve past perfect exercise.

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After they ____ (eat) seafood, they began to feel sick.

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If you ____ (listen) to me you would have got the promotion.

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I ____ (live) in Pakistan before I lived in Australia.

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She ____ (visit) UK Before

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I ___ (study) physics for more than 10 years.

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Past Perfect Tense Examples

  • I had eaten food yesterday night.
  • I had slept earlier yesterday.
  • You had left for Australia.
  • We had prayed for your health.
  • They had almost won it.
  • He had bought a car.
  • She had proposed me, but I refused.
  • Robert had loved her with true emotions.
  • Mary had done a great Job.

Past Perfect Tense – Structure

Here is Structure of Past Perfect Tense:

  • Sentence starts with Noun or Pronoun as in most of the sentences.
  • Helping verb (had is placed after noun or pronoun)
  • Third form (past participle form) of Main Verb is used.
  • Rest of the sentence is placed as per normal structure.

What is Past Perfect Tense:

It is tense which shows that subject had done any work in past and as of now work which started in past had also completed in past.


Past perfect tense shows that work had done by subject in past. It has (had) helping verb and 3rd form of main verb is used.

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