Indirect Speech of Exclamatory Sentences.

Exclamatory sentences

Study the following exclamatory sentences and change in indirect speech She said, “Hurrah! The final day has arrived safely” He said, “What a beautiful scenery is that!” She said,”How an amazing personality you have!” Alex said, “Alas! my plans failed” Now study the solved indirect speech examples below She exclaimed with joy that the final …

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Indirect Speech Rules for Imperative Sentences

Reported Speech rules for Imperative sentences

Change following imperative sentences into indirect speech. He said, “Please solve this exercise” Doctor said to him, “Avoid eating fast food” He said, “Shut down the shop quickly” Now look at the solution how to change an imperative sentence from direct into indirect speech. She requested to solve that exercise. Doctor suggested him not to …

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Indirect Speech exercises for Interrogative (Question) Sentences

Direct and Indirect speech question sentences

Change following questions sentences into reported speech. He said,”Are you coming to concert” She said, “What is the schedule for next concert?” “Have you seen my mobile anywhere?” said father to son. Now look at the solved examples indirect speech of interrogative sentences. He asked if I was coming to concert. She asked what was …

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Direct Indirect Speech Rules and Examples

Direct and Indirect Speech rules chart

Being an English Language learner, it’s mandatory for you to study and understand reported speech rules to learn direct and indirect speech. Complete rules of Direct & Indirect Speech with examples for tenses, with pronouns, modals assertive, imperative, optative, exclamatory, and question sentences. Direct and Indirect speech becomes easy to go with when you know …

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