10, 20, 100 & 50 Examples of Direct and Indirect Speech

20, 50 examples of direct indirect speech

Looking for examples of direct and indirect speech. Here are complete solved 10, 20, 30, and 50 examples of direct and indirect speech. These solved examples are with the present, past and future tense. Apart from that, find solved reported speech examples with assertive, exclamatory, interrogative and let types of sentences. You can find these …

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Punctuation Rules in Direct and Indirect Speech

Punctuation rules with direct and indirect speech

Of all punctuation marks, the comma, inverted comma (speech marks), question marks and sign of exclamation are widely used in Direct speech. Let’s have a brief look over the function and role of  punctuation marks in direct speech with examples. Table of Contents Punctuation marks we will study briefly:Inverted Comma (Speech Marks) in Indirect SpeechQuotation …

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Direct and Indirect Speech

direct and indirect speech rules. Examples

Two important types of narration Direct and indirect speech with definition, rules, Examples, and Exercise for class 6,7,8,9,10. A simplified guide for kids with charts, tables, info graphs, and video lessons to learn direct and indirect speech quickly. Table of Contents Direct Indirect Speech Explanation VideoWhat is Direct and Indirect Speech Definition?What is Direct Speech?What is …

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Indirect Speech with ‘Let’ Sentences

Reported speech rules with assertive (let) sentences

Wondering how to make indirect speech of sentences with ‘Let’? Let’s make indirect speech of following ‘let’ sentences with examples and explanation.

  • He said, “let’s wait for him one more time here”
  • She said to him, “Let’s think if there is any alternative to this issue”
  • Mark said, “Let’s not waste our time here by waiting for him”

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