Indirect Speech Rules for Imperative Sentences

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Change following imperative sentences into indirect speech.

He said, “Please solve this exercise”
Doctor said to him, “Avoid eating fast food”
He said, “Shut down the shop quickly”

Now look at the solution how to change an imperative sentence from direct into indirect speech.

She requested to solve that exercise.
Doctor suggested him not to eat fast food.
He ordered to shut down the shop quickly.

So, the imperative sentences are those that indicate:

  • Request (Ex: 1)
  • Suggestion (Ex:2)
  • Command/order (Ex:3)

Indirect Speech Rules for Imperative Sentences

Basic rules to solve imperative sentence indirect speech exercise.

1. Understand the mood of sentence whether it is command, request or advice
2. Change the reporting verb ‘said’ into requested, ordered, commanded, suggested or advised
2. If the reported speech starts with ‘Please’ change it with ‘requested’ or ‘implored’
4. Follow other rules of direct and indirect speech.

Now study the examples below

Direct SpeechIndirect Speech
Father said to son, "Bring me your result card"Father ordered his son to bring him his result card.
The policemen said,"Do not walk here alone"The policemen suggested not to walk alone there.
She said to her friend, "Shut up, don't say more"She ordered her friend to shut up and not to say more.
He said, "Open your book quickly"He ordered to open the book quickly.
Teacher said to students, "Do not take this exam lightly"Teacher advised students not to take that exam lightly.
Old lady said, "Please help me"Old lady requested to help her.

He said to his watchman, "Do not stand here doing nothing"
He ordered his watchman not to stand there doing nothing.
She said to waiter, "bring me menu quickly"She ordered waiter to bring her menu quickly.
He said to servant, "Clean my room first"He ordered his servant to clean his room.
She said, "Please, help the poor lady"She requested that the poor lady be helped.
Teacher said, "Do not talk during the class"Teacher forbade from talking during the class.
They said, "Do the first sum, please"They requested to do the first sum.
She said to me, "Please call me before you come"She requested me to call her before I come
Alex said, "Do not talk me anymore"Alex warned from talking with him anymore.
Teacher said, "Shut up Mohit, stand up there"Teacher ordered Mohit to shut and and stand there.

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