Indirect Speech exercises for Interrogative (Question) Sentences

In this article, we are going to focus on practice exercises for Interrogative (Question based) sentences. Process of converting (Direct to Indirect) for interrogative sentences is bit tricky and bit different from other regular sentences. Let’s have a look at following sentences.

Indirect speech for interrogative sentences

Changing questions sentences into reported speech:

  1. He said,”Are you coming to concert”
  2. She said, “What is the schedule for next concert?”
  3. “Have you seen my mobile anywhere?” said father to son.

Solved examples indirect speech of interrogative sentences.

Here are solution for above mentioned interrogative sentences:

  1. He asked if I was coming to concert.
  2. She asked what was the schedule for next concert.
  3. Father inquired of son if he had seen his mobile anywhere.

So, if we look closely we find that there are two types of interrogative sentences.

  •  Questions that can be simply answered in Yes/No: These questions start with auxiliary verbs.
  • Question that demand a detailed answer: These question start with WH words (What, where, when,why, how)

How to convert Interrogative sentences from direct speech into indirect speech.

Indirect speech for interrogative sentences

Reported speech of interrogative sentences (question sentences) can be done with following rules

1. If the reported speech starts with auxiliary verbs change it into if or whether. Let’s take an example:

He said, “Do you know my name”?
He asked if she knew his name.

2. If the reported speech starts with WH Questions, leave it intact. Let’s take another example:

He said, “What is your name?”
He asked what was his name.

3. Reporting verb ‘Said’ is changed into asked/demanded/questioned/inquired.

4. If the reported speech indicates or need more detailed answer, change the reporting verb said into  question/demanded. Let’s take another example:

The doctor said, “have you followed what I suggested you?”
The doctor inquired if he had followed what he suggested to him.

Let’s Study more examples of reported speech questions.

Direct SpeechIndirect Speech
He said, "Do you take you exam seriously?"He asked if I took my exam seriously.
Father said, "Do you know we have got another opportunity?"Father asked son if he knew they had got another opportunity.
I said to him, "Do you know how to speak English?"I asked him whether he knew how to speak English.

She said to beggar,"Why are you begging all the time here?"
She asked beggar why he had been begging all the time there.
The traveler said, "Do you know where does this road lead?, young man"The traveler asked young man whether he knew where did that road lead.
Shopkeeper said, "Do you need more?, Alex.Shopkeeper asked Alex whether he needed more.
Old lady said, "Can I get more days to live here?Old lady asked if she could get more days to live there.
Teacher said to students, "Do you know how many students will pass this year?"Teacher asked students if they knew how many students would pass that year.
I said to Alex, "Will you buy me another cup of tea?"I asked Alex whether he would buy me another cup of tea.
The Judge said to accused, "Have you bought a car ever?"The Judge inquired of the accused if he had bought a car ever.
She said to me, "What is the worth of your gift?"She questioned the worth of my gift.
The protestors said,"Release our leaders quickly"?The protestors demanded to release their leaders quickly.



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