Indirect Speech of Exclamatory Sentences.

Study the following exclamatory sentences and change in indirect speech

She said, “Hurrah! The final day has arrived safely”
He said, “What a beautiful scenery is that!”
She said,”How an amazing personality you have!”
Alex said, “Alas! my plans failed”

Now study the solved indirect speech examples below

She exclaimed with joy that the final day had arrived.
He exclaimed with wonder that it was a beautiful scenery.
She exclaimed with wonder that I have an amazing personality.
Alex exclaimed with sorrow that his plans failed.

What are Exclamatory Sentences?

Exclamatory sentences are those that:

  • Express enjoyment, sorrow and wonder.
  • Take interjection as, Alas, hurrah, vow, etc.
  • Take sign of exclamation at the end of sentence or after an interjection.

Indirect speech rules for Exclamatory sentences.

Keep the following rules in mind before you solve indirect speech exercise for exclamatory sentences.

  • Understand the mood of sentence whether it expresses joy, sorrow or wonder
  • Replace reporting verb ‘said’ with the word ‘exclaimed with sorrow/joy/wonder’ as per the mood of sentence (refer the table below to understand the mood of sentence)
  • The interjection i.e., hurrah, alas, vow etc would be removed.
  • If the reported speech part starts with words ‘how or what’ they would be replaced with very or very great. ‘Very’ comes before Adjective and ‘Great’ comes before Noun.

List of Exclamatory words/Interjection to replace reporting verb.

Study the table below for better understanding of how to change reporting verb in indirect speech for exclamatory sentences.

Exclamatory word/InterjectionReplace 'Said' with
Hurrah!/Vow/Ha! Exclaimed with joy
Oh!/Alas! Exclaimed with sorrow/wonder
Bravo! Applauded
What!/How!Exclaimed with surprise/wonder

Now study more examples below.

Direct SpeechIndirect Speech
He said, "Alas! I have lost another opportunity"He exclaimed with sorrow that he had lost another opportunity.
They said, "Hurrah! we have achieved our goal timely"They exclaimed with great joy that they had achieved their goal timely.
She said, "vow! what a beautiful house this is"She exclaimed with wonder that it was a beautiful house.
She said, "How lucky you are to get a good job!"She expressed with great wonder that I was lucky to get a good job.
Alex said, "What a great idea it is!"Alex expressed with wonder that it was great idea.
Mark said, "Hurrah! it is an easy to solve sum"Mark expressed with great joy that it was an easy sum.
Teacher said, "what a great achievement my students have got this year!Teacher expressed with great joy that his students got great achievement that year.
Old lady said, "aha! my son died early.Old lady exclaimed with great sorrow that her son died early.
Teacher said, "Good! you have made it easy"Teacher exclaimed with surprise that I had made it easy.
Old man said, "Pooh! how a cruel time this is"Old man exclaimed with great contempt that it was a cruel time.
Captain said, "Bravo! you got a catch"Captain applauded me that I got a good catch.

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