Direct and Indirect Speech with Universal truth Sentences

For making indirect speech of universal truth sentences, the reported speech is not changed, even if the reporting form of speech is in past tense. Look at examples below.

Mark Said, “Sun is hot”
Mark Said that sun is hot.

Mark said, “Honesty is best policy”
Mark said that honesty is best policy.

Mark said,”I wake up at 8 am everyday”
Mark said that he wakes up at 8 am everyday.

So, after studying the above given examples we found that ‘A universal truth sentence is that:

  • An accepted fact
  • A general truth
  • A habitual action

Study the examples below to get more understanding.

He said, “Two and two make four” (An accepted fact)
She said, “Sun sets in the west” ( A universal truth)
He said, “After dinner I walk 3 km daily” (A habitual action)

Rules for universal truth sentences:

1. The reported speech part remains same.
2. Conjunction ‘that’ is used to connect reporting and reported speech.
3. If the reported speech is an interrogative sentence replace the  conjunction ‘that’  with ‘if/whether, asked/inquired/demanded etc.
4. All other rules of speech would be followed.

Now study the examples below.

Direct SpeechIndirect Speech
Mark said, "Village men sleep early."Mark said that village men sleep early.
He said, "Is man a social animal?"He asked if man is a social animal.
She said, "Man dies without water and food"She said that man dies without water and food.
He said, "Honesty brings peace of mind"He said that honesty peace brings peace of mind.
She will say, "Babar died in early 1600 AD"She would say that Babar died in early 1600 AD.

The teacher said, "There are eight planets in solar system"
The teacher said that there are eight planets in solar system.
Mark said, "India will win this world cup"Mark said that India will win this world.
She said, "Pacific ocean is the biggest one"She said that the Pacific ocean is the biggest one.
Teacher said to us, "Earth takes light from the sun"Teacher said that the earth takes light from the sun.
He said, "God is great"He said that God is great.
She said, "God helps those who help themselves."She said that God help those who help themselves.
Mark said, "Earth has biggest diameter"Mark said that Earth has biggest diameter.
He said, "Truth always wins the race"He said that the truth always wins the race.
She said, "We have seven days in a week"She said that they have seven days in a week.
He said, "Star shine at night"He said that star shine at night.
She says, "There are countless stars in the sky"She says that there are countless stars in the sky.
They said, "human eyes do not see inner face"They said that human eyes do not see inner face.
She said, "Engine is the backbone of a car"She said that the engine is the backbone of a car.
Mark said, "Holy prophet is the most liked personality always"Mark said the Holy prophet is the most liked personality.

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