Punctuation Rules in Direct and Indirect Speech

Punctuation rules with direct and indirect speech

Of all punctuation marks, the comma, inverted comma (speech marks), question marks and sign of exclamation are widely used in Direct speech. Let’s have a brief look over the function and role of  punctuation marks in direct speech with examples. Punctuation marks we will study briefly: Inverted comma (speech marks) in indirect speech Comma in …

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Indirect Speech with ‘Let’ Sentences

Reported speech rules with assertive (let) sentences

Wondering how to make indirect speech of sentences with ‘Let’? Let’s make indirect speech of following ‘let’ sentences with examples and explanation.

  • He said, “let’s wait for him one more time here”
  • She said to him, “Let’s think if there is any alternative to this issue”
  • Mark said, “Let’s not waste our time here by waiting for him”

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Indirect Speech of Exclamatory Sentences.

Exclamatory sentences

Study the following exclamatory sentences and change in indirect speech She said, “Hurrah! The final day has arrived safely” He said, “What a beautiful scenery is that!” She said,”How an amazing personality you have!” Alex said, “Alas! my plans failed” Now study the solved indirect speech examples below She exclaimed with joy that the final …

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Indirect Speech Rules for Imperative Sentences

Reported Speech rules for Imperative sentences

Change following imperative sentences into indirect speech. He said, “Please solve this exercise” Doctor said to him, “Avoid eating fast food” He said, “Shut down the shop quickly” Now look at the solution how to change an imperative sentence from direct into indirect speech. She requested to solve that exercise. Doctor suggested him not to …

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