Collective Noun for Ants

There are four collective nouns you can use for Ants are under:

1.A Colony of Ants
2.An Army of Ants
3.A Swarm of Ants
4.Soviet of Ants

Collective Nouns for Ants

FAQs (Frequent Asked Questions):

What is a group of clowns called?
A group of clown working for a circus or a professional group of 2 or more than 2 clowns
What do you call a group of ants?
  There are 04 collective nouns you can use for the group of aunts. But I prefer using “Colony of Ants” 
What is the collection of ants?
In different scenario you can use different collective nouns for ants. when they march they are Army. And when they are winged you can use Swarm 

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