10 Sentences / Lines about My Father

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10 Sentences about my father

  1. My father is most responsible and most respected member of our family he loves me more than all others.
  2. Whenever any of us need anything he fulfills. He fulfills our desires and our dreams without any complain or wish to return it back.
  3. Sometimes I make mistakes he shows me right way and he is always confident that I will follow his guidance and instructions.
  4. Whenever I am sad or having any problem, he is the only one who motivates me, shows me right path and follows up till the time I have been out of that problem or sad feeling.
  5. My father is one, whose personal expenses are not more than 100 USD a month, but he works day and night to bear our expenses. He never complains.
  6. He is most trusted member of our family because it is his family and we are part of it.
  7. He shouts on me when I make mistakes, sometimes he beats me for my mistakes, but than he bring chocolates for me. He hugs me and tells me that his shouting was for my goodness.
  8. He knows and solves problems of our family but he never tells us his problems.
  9. He sacrifices his comforts of life to provide us comforts in our life.
  10. He is the one, whom we all love, because he alone loves all of us, cares about all of us, provides comforts to all of us.

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